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Cleaning Up Your Living Room for Special Occasions

We welcome our guests, share family moments mostly in the living room. Therefore, it’s very important to spend some time for cleaning and tidying the living room for special occasions such as New Year, Christmas… At first many of you might think it would be an easy job for weekend, but not. To make sure that every corner of the room is cleaned, you should make a list and follow it strictly. You might thing that your furniture like the coffee table or the best ceiling fans don’t need to be tidied because they are awesome at all time, then you’re wrong again. Everything needs to be washed or mopped or else they can’t be in their best condition and can’t work properly.

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  1. The importance of the living room and basic things about tidying it up

We all know that the living room is not only the place where we welcome out guests and talk to them; it’s also a place for family meeting and gathering occasion when we spend most time for each other. And of course, there’re lots of things that we should clean up and rearrange before the New Year comes. So do you know where to start? This list below would help you decide that and clean your living room almost like new.

Before we start, make sure that you have gathered all the old and unused stuffs all over your room and get rid of them or place them to their original places. Those old and out dated furniture are not suitable for your living room anymore, so you should pack them up and throw away to bring them to the basement.

Now we should begin to the main process, shall we? You should tidy the room according to the list: ceiling, floor, room corners, the window frames, wall, windows and door frames (This sequence will help you to avoid the bad situations. For example, if you finish mopping the floor and then sweep the room ceiling, it would be a disaster because the falling dust and spider webs will make you to waste time cleaning the floor again. Remove all the wall painting and place them at a corner of the room temporary. After finishing the whole room, clean them up and hang back to the wall. Make sure that you remember to put a check into your list each time your finish a certain part, that would help you save time and avoid repeating the same spot again and again.

  1. Ceiling fans and ceiling lamps

If possible, remove them from the ceiling and wash them carefully. Otherwise, let’s use a wet dust sweeper with long handle to sweep away the dust, and after each time, remove the dust from the sweeper. Do it several times until you see it satisfying. Use a new wet sweeper for each time.

  1. Wall paintings

Most of the wall painting models avoid contacting with water, you should use the dry dust sweeper to remove the dust from the surface of the paintings and they sweep them again with a soft towel. In case the painting is too dirty, then you use a wet soft towel and gently sweep the surface of the painting. With the wooden frames, apply the same way to make wooden furniture shine. If the frames are made in metal, you can use white vinegar or lemon juice with water to clean as normal.

  1. The curtains

Bring the curtains down and put them into the washing machine if you have one and you often wash them. With the curtains that are not often washed, you should remove the dust first; dip them into the liquid that contains soap, warm water and the juice of 1 lemon. After a certain amount of time, put the curtains in the washing machine.

As you can see, these are some stuff that I want you to concentrate on when you’re trying to spend least time in tidying and cleaning your house. If you want more information as well as the tips in tricks in house cleaning, reading the next article about how to tidy the rooms for special occasions. In addition, if you are interested in any kind of furniture, call us and we’ll help you to decide choosing it or not.

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