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Kitchen Safety That Everyone Should Know

In compare with other rooms and positions in the house, kitchen might be the place that hides more danger potentials. Therefore, housewives must know basic rules to make sure that family members would be safe when entering the kitchen, especially small kids and pets. Do not let your subjective feelings overwhelm you; even the best electric pressure cooker can harm you and your family member if you or someone uses it with no care. In this article, I will show you the basic rule of kitchen safety that anyone must know.

kitchen safety

  1. Cleaning the spilled water

If you accidently spill some milk, soup or water while cooking or boiling, clean it up immediately. This action will reduce the chance that someone gets slipped and being injured and also help the kitchen surface clean as well.

If you let them exist for a long time, the water will evaporate and left a stain on the floor. This might be very ugly if your kitchen floor is full of stains. In addition, those dirty tiny spots would be very hard to clean up completely and also leave themselves a spot that won’t be washed off.

  1. Check the electric appliances regularly

kitchen safety 2

You kitchen might have many electric equipment such as coffee machine, kettles, microwaves, fridge, dishwasher or an oven. Make sure that these appliances are always check and maintained in their good condition. If the wires are torn and the plugins were loosen… that would be high rate that someone come in the kitchen and get an electric shock just because they touched the appliance. You can help your family avoiding these dangers by checking the appliances regularly.

  1. Don’t put too many ladders and high chairs inside your kitchen

If you house has a child or a pet, always move them away from the ladders and high chair in the kitchen. Kids and pets can climb up them easily if they have chance standing near the ladder or chair. You just need to keep a small and short ladder in your kitchen and use them when you want to check or bring sometime down.

  1. Equip a fire extinguisher inside your kitchen

fire extinguisher for kitchen

Buy a fire extinguisher for your kitchen nowadays! You can use them to put out small fire and explosions in your kitchen. This is a useful safety trick that you really need.

  1. Using safety lock in kitchen if you have children in the house

It’s very necessary to have a safety lock in the kitchen if your house has a kid. Although it’s just a small cabinet for cleaning equipment or the cupboard, keeping them safety to children is still very important. Children are very curious but they don’t know what is safe, so using the safety lock can prevent children from hurting themselves with knives, heavy objects or maybe some chemical liquids.

  1. Keep the cleaning cloths away from the cooking stove

You can make sure that your kitchen is safe at any time in any place. This including the fact that you have to keep your cleaning cloth, napkins and other cleaning equipment in a certain place. You should keep them in a drawer that is far enough from the cooking stove. If you do not keep them at the right place, it might be danger if the can catch the heat and lead to a small fire.

There are many more tips that I want to share you, so if you care about this post, please visit my website and see what’s in part 2. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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