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Some Important Features to Choose the Best Record Player

Nowadays, with the development of the technology, most of the players and hand phones also have the functions to record. However, they can not replace the record player in some special cases.

On the market, you can find out a lot of kinds of the recorders with the different models as well as prices. Do you know how to choose it? In this article, I will list some important features to buy the best record players. I think that you will have more knowledge about this product after referring to this writing.

best record player

Actually, to choosing a record player will also depend on your personal hobby and your needs. Normally, you will have two popular choices including the belt drive and the direct drive player. In addition, some record players are specifically designed for the DJs. So you have a lot of the options for this tool.

Of course, each player will have some different features. These elements often decide the price and the quality of the record player.

Some Important Features to Choose the Best Record Player

  1. The First Feature: The Belt Drive

You should note the belt drive. A motor is installed on the turntable and it will make the platter spin. Moreover, there is an elastic belt will connect the motor and the platter each other. In fact, this connection will create the sound which you listen to.

On the other hands, the motor also can attach under the platter. And it can make the platter turn backward by the hand. You will see this when DJs are controlling the record player. This will create the effects for the additional sounds. (http://thehub.musiciansfriend.com/dj-gear-buying-guides/how-to-choose-the-right-dj-equipment)

As you know, there are not many choices for DJs to choose the best record players because most of the record players produce with the same standards. Therefore, DJs must show their ability to spin backward professionally. With the famous DJs, they have a lot of experience to turn the platter by their hands to create the great sound effects.

  1. The Second Feature: The Working Ability

Now, two types of record players are manual and automatic operation. Let’s see their differences as follows:

With manual operation, if you want the record player to work you must lift the tone-arm and put onto the record. Also, some manual record players are semi- automatic. At that time, the tone-arm will go down slowly by a mechanism which it is often called the cueing. And after finishing, you must turn off it. However, with the automatic operation, its working ability is easier. You can look at some following steps such as:

  • Firstly, you only need place the disc on the platter.
  • Then, you press the power button.
  • After that, the tone- arm will lift itself and transfer to the record.
  • Next, the tone-arm will lower on the record automatically.
  • Finally, when finishing the recording, the tone-arm returns to the resting situation. At this time, your device will turn off automatically, too.

Many users feel very convenient when using the automatic record players. However, you should also consider its price. They also said that the manual devices often bring more classical feeling than the automatic devices. Thus, you should check carefully about this product and your needs before you give a final choice.

  1. The Feature Three: USB plug location

Connection easily between USB interface

It is very necessary to choose the record player which it must have the location for USD plug. This will help you can copy and store all recording data into your computer easily. It is better to have the USB interface simply.

  1. The Feature Four: Recording Capability

We can say that the recording capability is one of the most important features which I just mention above about the record player. If you think that all record players can record with many different types. You are quite wrong. There are three main record types: 33s, 45s, and 78s. These number will show the time when a record player can take how long for it to spin. That is the recording capability of the record player.

It is not difficult to look for some record players which they have the capability to play 33s and 45s on the market now. However, not most of them can play with 78s.

Some Notes before Deciding the Record Player

  • To avoid wasting time, you should clearly know your budget to buy the record player because there are a lot of products with the different price. And sometimes they differ significantly. A record player has the best quality you have to spend a lot of money for it;
  • You must understand your demand;
  • You should research the information about this product before going to record player shop.

In summary, to choosing the best record player and suiting for your needs, you should know four important features in this article. These are the most basic things which you should not forget before buying a record player. Thanks to TrustedSounds I get these tips. I hope it is really useful for you.

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