Essay about Caydin and Davis


Caydin was living a ordinary life in Iowa. A kid living in a small town with his mom and his best friend. They live in a pretty big house in the middle of nowhere. It was hard for his mom because his dad died when he was 5. Being a single mom it was hard to support two kids. Now being 17 he has realized it was hard for his mom. Caydin and Davis had to find a way to help support. So both of the boys got jobs at the local store.

One day after work the boys were approaching their house. When all of a sudden this blue van drove wildly out of their driveway. Wondering who that was the boys ran in there house screaming for their mom. They got no answer. The boys had to go threw several obstacles throughout the whole movie. Caydin and Davis had to survive through the city and the woods. The boys ended up getting a car and try chasing down the blue van down. They were so close to getting the blue van and getting his mom back. When all of sudden the cops pulled them over instead of the blue van. Caydin almost broke down right there and Caydin was shook. The boys tried to tell the cops about his mom but they didn't believe them. 

So the boys took the matter into their own hands. They started investigating over the whole event. The boys ended up finding the blue van one day. Then started following it and trying to get information. They figured out were the people that owned the van lived. One night the boys planed a sneak attack. So that night the boys prepared, packed bags, and got tools ready. Waiting until the guy left his house. The door slammed! The lights went out and the boys got ready to go in. They broke the lock and went in. After searching through multiple rooms, the boys heard something in the room. “Mom?” Caydin said. Caydin and Davis broke down the door and went it. Caydin almost broke down right there. Caydin and Davis grabbed there mom and got out of there! His mom survived the kidnapper after all.

Once that got over they went to the police station and they finally believed the kids. They ended up arresting the kidnapper the next day. “Are you ready for breakfast boys?” Mom asked. The boys went running down the stairs and smelt butter rich pancakes. Caydin and Davis ate their food, got dressed, and was almost ready for work. Being a single mom was rough having two kids and owning her own house. They lived in the middle of Texas surrounded by big empty plains and tumbleweed floating around. So whenever the boys went to work they had to drive 16 miles into town. “I call shotgun!” Caydin said. Davis had to drive the car. 20 minutes later and the boy are finally at the Car Shop. Threw out the whole day the boys were busy working on cars. Caydin was putting on new tires and Davis was washing all the cars. 

As soon as the boys got off they went straight home. On their way home they saw this blue van driving wildly out of the driveway. Wondering what that guy was doing, Davis stepped on the gas and rushed home. Both of the boys ran in there house screaming for their mom. They got no answer. Frantically Davis and Caydin search threw the whole house for her. Still no Answer! Then it all clicked together, the blue van kidnapped their mother. The boys sat there in disbelief not saying anything. Mumbling under his breath “We have to find her” Davis said.

Caydin answered “Let's go find that blue van”. The boys didn't realize it but they just started their enventure. The first thing they did was rush to the Police Department. Caydin and Davis tried telling them what had happened. The police officer responded “We don't believe you kids and there isn't enough evidence to start the case”. Caydin screamed “You have to believe us” while Davis yelled “This isn't fair”! The Police Department made them leave. Caydin and Davis was so frustrated, they sat there thinking what felt like forever. Finally when Caydin said “Lets go get out mom back!” After thinking of a plan they ended up going to bed for the night. Waking up with a brilliant plan, rest, and equipment the boys would be ready! Beep, Beep, Beep the alarm clock went off at 5 a.m.. Both of the boys jumped out of bed. “Lets get it!” Davis yelled. Both of the boys grabed there bags and ran to the car. When they got all settled down, they pulled out the map of the town.

After getting into town the boys sat there waiting to see the blue van. They were sitting at the local store for 4 hours waiting for it but they saw no blue van in sight. Driving around and moving to different locations still no sight of the blue van. The boys were looking for days and nothing came up. After days and days, Caydin and Davis were down by the local store. When all of a sudden Caydin screamed “Look! It’s the blue van!” With Davis saying “Shhh!” They finally have saw the blue van and waited till they were done shopping. Getting a good eye on the guys that took their mom. One of the guys were short, wearing dirty clothes, with big brown eyes. The other was tall, with blue eyes, and tattoos all over his arms.

Davis and Caydin grieved with anger. Leaving right after the van. Driving slow and incognitive behind the blue van, they found out where they live. The boys couldn't believe the place they were keeping there mom. The house threw the woods, cross the broken bridge, and windows busted down house was were there mom was being kept. The boys start preparing and taking picture and thinking of ways to get in. The boys figured out what they were gonna do. Going back to there house that night the boys got more tools. Day 12 in trying to find their mom, the boys are going to get their mom today! The boys dead sprinted to the car. Caydin jumped into the driver's seat while Davis sat in the front. Frantically, Caydin drove all the way threw the city traffic. Swerving all of the other incoming cars. Getting all the way threw town. They finally arrived! Caydin and Davis both take deep breath before they go in.

Peptalking, thinking of the plan, and saying love you to each other was what they were talking about before it starts. Waiting patiently for the kidnappers to leave. The boys stayed hidden when finally the two guys opened on their door. Headed to the blue van both of the guys got in and left. That when Caydin and Davis took off into the broke down house. Searching room after room, there was no sign of their mom. Finally meeting in the middle of the house the boys were about to give up. Sighing and tearing up when they thought everything was lost. “Help! Help! “Their mom was screaming for the boys. Running to the basement door the boys could hear their mother but could not see her. The door was locked but they knew their mom was down there. Boom! Davis broke the door knob and they entered.

Running down the stairs the boys saw her. Their mom was sitting in the corner. Finally after getting her from behind the wall and threw the bricks, they made a ran for it. Davis, Caydin, and their mom spirited straight to the front door. Arriving to car the mom hugged both all the boys as hard as she could. The boys couldn't believe they got their mother back. “I love you” was all you could hear from each other. Driving straight to the Police Department, the police couldn't believe the boys were telling the truth. Listing to the whole story told from their mother. The police went on a search for the men who took her. Getting help and support from the Police the family was escorted back to their house. Missing each other for 12 days is hard for a family especially when your mom got kidnapped. There house was under lockdown and guarded by the Police for a while. 

After 2 weeks later they finally caught there two men that took her. They were arrested and sent to jail for the rest of their life. Now feeling safe the family could finally go out. The news filled the driveway all the way up to their house. Caydin and Davis telling what they did, how they did, and how they found there mom. Their mother was telling her side of the story and how they broke in the house and took her. The boys got famous on the news and the were known as heros. The whole community thought of them as heros. Especially their own mom, she was so happy for the boys. They lived the rest of their life helping their mom and that incident made them so close!